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...but first a tribute to our members.
Some people feel called to give more. This is to recognize just some of the remarkable people who have given so much of themselves to make United Saints Recovery Project what it is today.

We have an unconventional definition of the word "staff" and people give what time they can give. Here are the people that have made the commitment and sacrifice to keep the light burning this year:

Chris Schottland, Executive Director
volunteers, long term volunteers, staff, amazing people
After twelve years experience in building design and construction administration, Chris joined United Saints Recovery Project in 2009 to volunteer for six weeks. Plans change. Since then, he has filled many roles including site supervisor, project manager, program manager, and community development director. He has been instrumental in managing the logistics of several disaster relief efforts both locally and internationally. These include the 2011 tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, the 2011 tsunami in Northern Japan, Hurricane Isaac in 2012, the New Orleans East Tornado in 2017, and Hurricane Harvey in 2018. He has been our executive director since October of 2017.          (504)233-3354

Jen Inberg, Volunteer Operations Manager
volunteers, long term volunteers, staff, amazing people
Jennifer comes to us from South Florida, where she was an avid volunteer and crew leader for Habitat for Humanity’s NRI Project. She was drawn to New Orleans after seeing the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and planned to "figure out a way to stay." She did. She joined Notre Dame Mission Volunteers who placed her as an AmeriCorps State Direct member with United Saints from 2012 to 2013. After she completed that term, she elected to stay with us and she's still here recruiting volunteer groups, managing our volunteer housing, and generally making sure our volunteer groups have an engaging, fun, and meaningful service week.          (504)233-8883

Aubrey "Twiggy" Frey, Field Operations Manager
volunteers, long term volunteers, staff, amazing people
Aubrey came to New Orleans in 2005 to join Camp Hope and then served as an AmeriCorps NCCC throughout 2007, followed by a year with Saint Bernard Project. He joined United Saints in 2012 as a site supervisor and soon distinguished himself as a patient teacher who leads by example. He now trains all of our site supervisors in site safety and volunteer leadership as well as acting as our project manager. While at United Saints, Twiggy spearheaded the agency's response to Hurricane Isaac in LaPlace, LA and the flooding in Baton Rouge and in 2016.          (504)662-9777

Stacye Stone, Construction Superintendent
volunteers, long term volunteers, staff, amazing people
Stacye has been a construction worker for most of her adult life. She is also yet another person who came to New Orleans to help in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and ended up staying. For eight years prior, she worked heavy construction sites such as bridges, high-rises, and stadiums beginning as a site laborer and working her way up to roles such as construction foreman and safety officer. She has an additional 17 years of carpentry experience in residential and commercial restoration. As a member of United Saints Recovery Project, she has been a team leader and construction superintendent for four volunteer seasons. She was instrumental in our responses to Hurricanes Isaac and Harvey and the tornado in New Orleans East. Besides her abilities to teach new team leaders in carpentry and volunteer leadership, Stacye is one of our most experienced and talented team leaders and a beloved favorite among our volunteers.
Steven Jones, Team Leader & Veteran Program Coordinator
volunteers, long term volunteers, staff, amazing people
Steven served in the U.S. Army from 2009-2014 including a deployment to Kunar, Afghanistan. He gained experience as a volunteer water rescue first-responder in Orange, Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and stayed as a volunteer crew leader during the gutting phase. He worked with United Saints Recovery Project in Southeast Texas and joined us as a site supervisor in February 2018. He has been instrumental in the formation of our veteran program. Since joining our team, he has learned carpentry and volunteer leadership and is one of our most valuable and versatile people in the field.
James "Pops" Taylor, Cook
volunteers, long term volunteers, staff, amazing people
Living proof that Old New Orleans is alive and well, Pops returns once again this year to keep everybody fed with his mix of familiar favorites and traditional family recipes. Speaking of family, Pops is a member of the largest documented extended family in Louisiana with over 5,000 living relatives (yes, really).

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