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Short Term Volunteer

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(working 15 days or less)

Ready to get your hands dirty? Our Long Term Volunteers do more than stick around a while Our Short Term Volunteers come from all over the country staying anywhere from 1 to 21 days with us. They make lasting contributions to the New Orleans community and build relationships that last a lifetime. Their direct service commitment helps us personify what it means to be grassroots, while they share in powerful experiences that transform individual attitudes and community conditions. The United Saints was built from the ground up, by Long Term Volunteers who continue to show their support through remote fundraising, social marketing and many make recurrent trips to New Orleans to stay at the front line of the revitalization effort. Most of our localized staff began their service as a Long Term Volunteer, and we proudly maintain volunteer participation in all levels of organizational leadership. Short Term Volunteers continue to make a huge difference in the community of New Orleans and are accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more about our opportunities for short term volunteers below and apply today! Work clothes and Safety When preparing for working in New Orleans be mindful of the weather and seasons. Summers are hot and winders are cold. If you are coming down for the summer season be prepared with shorts, t shirts and tank tops. Hats are also recommended. During winter months we suggest pants, sweatshirts, and a good jacket to work in as well. Unfortunately, more often than not volunteers do not bring enough warm clothing in the winter months to make their time working outside comfortable. Food If you are a Short Term Volunteer, some meals will be provided when we have groups in town. Please note that meals are only guaranteed during weeks that we have groups of 8 or more volunteering. In addition these meals are only provided during week days. On weekends and days we do not have any groups volunteering with us all volunteers are required to provide their own meals. Accommodations Volunteers who come as individual volunteers may experience various housing arrangements that differ on a case-to-case basis. The housing depends on how many groups of volunteers we will have during the weeks of your stay. Volunteer Fee Cost Share The cost to volunteer as a short term volunteer is just $40 per day. This includes housing, and some meals. Any further questions?...
Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jen for more specific information during your anticipated stay. Jen Inberg:
Work Day Monday - Friday
Summer: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm Winter: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Projects Rebuilding projects may include:
gutting, roofing, gutter repair, siding, drywall, painting, flooring, fence building, yard work, landscaping. Pricing $40/day
Let's get to work! Ready to come down to New Orleans? Don't forget!: - bedding - your preference of linens or a sleeping bag - safety glasses - USRP suggests you bring your own safety glasses. Our glasses are a bit loved, and tend to be left well used. - gloves - similar to our safety glasses our gloves get dirty and worn through volunteer use. We highly recommend you bring your own. - seasonal clothes +jeans - Food money - for days and weekend meals that will not be provided - Spending money


Click here to apply as an individual volunteer today!

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