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United Saints Recovery Project has various types of volunteer projects that will fit the skill level of any volunteer.   We mainly focus on home repair for homeowners that are either elderly, disabled or are not financially or physically able to complete the repairs themselves.   Many of our clients are recovering from a natural disaster.  Some are still rebuilding ten years after Hurricane Katrina because they were the victims of contractor fraud.

The United Saints Recovery Project also responds to regional disasters.   Besides our initial response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, we also responded to Hurricane Gustav in Houma, LA in 2008, the Tornadoes in Tuscaloosa,  AL in  2011, and to Hurricane Isaac in LaPlace, LA in 2012.   Currently, we are assisting homeowners in Baton Rouge who were hit by the massive flood in August 2016 and those in New Orleans East who were struck by the tornadoes in February 2017.

In order to secure blighted property, while improving the quality of life for those living around it, the United Saints Recovery Project has developed the Community Art Project to generate art based beautification projects.   Whether it be installing a mural, painting boards that will be used to secure windows and doorways, or creating public art, this project works to add beauty to distressed environments.

The United Saints Recovery Project from time to time collaborates with other non profit agencies by lending them our volunteers.   The volunteer activities provided by these collaborating partners range from taking care of animals at an animal shelter, building new homes, clearing lots of debris and refuse, and other community beautification projects.   By collaborating with these agencies, the United Saints Recovery Project is able to offer a more diverse volunteer experience to our volunteers.

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