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Have you  been yearning to get out into the world and make a difference with your own two hands? United Saints offers individuals a chance to volunteer, interact with the community, learn a variety of skills independently for various amounts of time. Choosing to volunteer with USRP will allow you to spread your wings and rediscover the true joy volunteerism can bring anyone.


Location, Location, Location!


You can’t get more ‘central’ than Central City: Just four blocks from the historic and charming St. Charles streetcar line, volunteers can easily travel to famous destinations such as The French Quarter’s Bourbon Street, Royal Street, Jackson Square, visit the Queen Mary Steamboat or take a walk on the levee. All of these attractions, plus The Audubon Zoo, Park, Insectarium and Aquarium are a quick twenty minute ride away!


What You’ll Get For Volunteering


 In addition to the inherent joy that comes from helping others, volunteering with The United Saints provides several advantages:


We’re Locally Embedded: Many of our staff members moved to New Orleans after the storm and have made Central City their home. Our base site operates in partnership with The First Street United Methodist Church, which is the second-oldest African American congregation in New Orleans, built in 1833 and has hosted Sunday Service ever since!


You will have opportunities to assist site supervisors in leading volunteer groups, you will learn new skills such as operating power tools, hand tools, and site preparation. While being a short term volunteer you will be expected to be flexible and willing to work with various site leadership and alongside participating groups of volunteers.  In addition you will also gain experience with team building, leadership and life skills.

Are you planning to volunteer for 3 weeks or less? Click the link below to learn more about becoming a short term volunteer:



Will you be volunteering for 3 weeks or more? Click the link below to learn more about becoming a long term volunteer:



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