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Community Art Program

These opportunities can begin with murals. By addressing areas that have not yet been, it can draw attention from not only local residents, but international visitors and volunteers. The increase in traffic flow that these murals will create holds the potential to stimulate an otherwise barren economical region.


CAP’s mission is to restore community pride, while stimulating economically disadvantaged areas. CAP has developed  projects which will create painted, cloth and plywood murals.


Plywood murals are used to board vacant houses, which not only secure the premises, but brighten neighborhoods that would otherwise be left untouched.


Cloth murals are used to make mural creation accessible to those too young to be on scaffolding or ladders. The are glued to the final product and sealed.


New Orleans is, and always has been a dynamic city, brimming with culture and vibrancy. With its vibrant history, also comes a city infested with blighted neighborhoods, high crime rates, neglected houses, and schools which struggle to provide basic art skills training.


Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, volunteer efforts have been primarily focused on the physical rebuilding of neighborhoods; getting residents moved home where they can begin rebuilding their lives.  As building efforts continue to guide people back home, USRP, via CAP looks into the future of New Orleans and what fuels its culture. We know that a community is more than simply a group of homes, and while bringing residents back into the city begins its revival, it will essentially take the involvement of the community to cultivate New Orleans once again.




CAP collaborates with community members and local art collectives to increase range and impact through involvement. Our hope involve the community to demonstrate the power they have to directly impact their environment.


Local artists are given the opportunity to co-lead projects; guiding and teaching the basic principles of art and mural creation. Artists involved not only participate in the beautification and cultivating of New Orleans, but are also offered a canvas for portfolio building.



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You can help by volunteering with us, or by donating to the United Saints. Just indicate the word "Art," with your payment.
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