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1st Street P.W. United Methodist Church

 Worship at 11:00 A.M on Sundays

 Bible Study at 6:00 P.M. on Wednesdays


Led by Dr. Rev. Martha Orphe, First Street Peck and Wesley United Methodist Church has opened its doors to United Saints since the beginning, showing love and support to the organization and the thousands of volunteers who are part of the United Saints family.


We value this relationship with First street because they opened their doors to us after Katrina, allowing the facility to be used as a distribution center, housing one hundred volunteers, working with Hands on New Orleans until 2007. First Street has graciously hosted the United Saints since Fall 2007. Through the support of First Street, Daryl Kiesow and volunteers launched the United Saints Recovery Project.


Every week since 2006, volunteers have been going out the doors of First Street to help people in Central City, New Orleans.   The support of First Street has been essential for the work that we do everyday in the community.


United Saints volunteers and staff are housed by First Street PW United Methodist Church on First and Dryades Street. First Street has served the community since the 1830’s and continues to have a strong presence in the area. The present church structure dates back to 1894 and is recognized by the city of New Orleans as a historic landmark.


After Hurricane Katrina, large efforts were made to repair the damage from the hurricane and years of neglect. Volunteers and workers have rebuilt the roof, reconstructed damaged supports, built a stage, secured and restored the steeple, repaired the bell, and plastered and painted the exterior of the building.



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